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Building projects allow the property owners to customize their homes to their unique tastes and needs. Rijo Enterprises, Inc. offers a local residential remodeling service that can help you with such jobs. For over 23 years, we have been assisting clients from Bemidji, MN and the surrounding towns with projects of various types and sizes. Regardless of the scope of yours, call us and rest easy knowing you are leaving your investment in the right hands.

Residential Remodeling by Rijo Enterprises, Inc.

For professional residential remodeling in Bemidji, MN, call (218) 760-5708!

Our Services

Specializing in various construction jobs, our house building contractors can help you build custom homes. Our expertise in the industry enables us to also work on sites in need of renovation and remodels. Some of our many solutions include the following: siding installation, roof repair, re-roofing, doors & window installation, addition building, deck construction, deck renovation, bathroom redesign, kitchen remodeling, house remodeling and more. For the full list, check out our services page.

If you are looking for reliable house construction, call (218) 760-5708

Our Responsibilities

Each house construction contractor on our team has a wide range of duties when it comes to the construction or renovation of residences in Bemidji, MN. We engage in hard work and thorough reviews of the many processes which accompany the construction of new structures. When you work with Rijo Enterprises, Inc., you can count on us to implement a residential building construction plan, supervise the work site, and make sure the job is completed within schedule. Besides that, you can also count on us to supply you with products at fair rates and deliver results that last for a lifetime.

Our Methods

We are very careful when selecting our employees because we want them to be decisive, experienced, and well-versed so that they can accommodate all the needs our customers might have. We also make sure to respond swiftly to service calls, only suggest customized solutions, and always give free estimates that are reasonable and very fair. Working with the best tools and products, we ensure our builders create designs that fit our clients’ needs and are within their budgets. Regardless of the type of construction service you need, call us and avail of reliable and very affordable service.

Call (218) 760-5708 for dependable house building contractors in Bemidji, MN!

If you are interested in hiring one of the trusted residential construction companies to take a look at your project and provide you with their professional input, make sure you contact us right away. They will be happy to discuss your specifications and suggest a solution that will help you achieve your objectives. For more details about the company, visit our About Us page.

Client’s Testimonial

by Terry Carter on Rijo Enterprises, Inc.
True Professionals

I found out about these people on the Internet, and I hired them for their building construction services. With them, I completed my project on time with my schedule and without any trouble along the way. They deserve praise for their amazing skills and the superb quality they deliver.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams
Hired them to remodel my house, and they did a great job! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good contractor. The workers were very friendly, and they cleaned up after themselves every day. All in all, I was very satisfied with the quality of their work and would recommend them to anyone who needs house remodeling!
Fernando Ingram
Fernando Ingram
Extremely satisfied with my experience with this house building contractors company. They were able to meet all of my expectations, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their home.
Sedona Strother
Sedona Strother
This house construction company is amazing! I've been in the construction business for 10 years and I've never worked with a company that was so easy to work with. They are very responsive and they make sure they get everything done right the first time. They have done work for me twice and I have recommended them to my friends who are also in the construction business.
Eugene Kelly
Eugene Kelly
They have done remodeling for me for the past five years and I am very happy with their work. They are very professional, prompt, and reliable. Their prices are fair and they keep their word. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good residential remodeling company!
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts
I have been using Rijo Enterprises for construction services for the past 5 years. They are a very professional company and always do an amazing job! They completed my house in record time and with great quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for good quality construction service!
Maira Ortega
Maira Ortega
I hired these people for my residential remodeling project, and I am glad to have found them. They have skilled professionals and the services they deliver are very reliable. I want to express my gratitude by saying “thank you, and keep it up.”
Peter Tishkov
Peter Tishkov
Affordable and quality construction service in Bemidji, MN!

For affordable house remodeling in Bemidji, MN, contact Rijo Enterprises, Inc.!

Rijo Enterprises, Inc.
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Phone: (218) 760-5708

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