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Professional Commercial Building Construction in Bemidji MNAre you still looking for a roofer in Bemidji, MN for the installation of your commercial roofing? You could rely on us! Rijo Enterprises, Inc. is a commercial building construction known for its great reputation in the roofing industry. We’re the best choice if you’re looking for timely and quality execution!

What We Can Do?

There are different types of roofing, and they could be enhanced further depending on their design and the additional features you’ve decided to install on them. Know their pros and cons, and what are some of the available choices that meet your budget and tastes by calling us today. As experts in commercial building construction, we’re familiar with the field.

We have been here since 1995, and throughout those years, we have seen how the industry grows and evolves. Our team won’t have any problems working hand in hand with your architect or other appointed professionals you’ve already appointed for the commercial building construction. Our knowledge and skills in the area can live up to you and their expectations. We can help you plan and execute them using the most strategic solution.

Whether we’re installing, repairing, or replacing commercial roofing, we always deliver the job on time without cutting corners. Our works are tested based on the highest quality standards, and unless that has been met, we won’t move on to another project.

Why Hire Us?

We’re a licensed commercial building construction company, and many of our employees are veterans. Aside from having keen eyes in diagnosing roofing problems, we use fine roofing installation techniques too. Many of our past works are still standing proudly even to these days, and we could show them to you if you’re interested. Create them without spending too much using our budget-friendly commercial services!

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Rijo Enterprises, Inc. can do more! For your questions or inquiries about our roofing services in Bemidji, MN, contact us at (218) 760-5708 today.