The Perfect House Styles You Can Build

Different Residential Construction Styles


A home is truly better when it’s exactly the way you want it, so make sure that from the construction stages, everything is going well thanks to a reliable residential construction contractor. Hiring one will be imperative if you want to achieve the home of your dreams, as they’ll be fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to accomplish the job. No matter which of these house styles you’d like, they’ll certainly be able to pull off all of its nuances:



Contemporary housing is surely gaining steam nowadays. Bring your home into the future by having it built with a combination of steel, concrete, and hardwood for that industrial vibe that’s undeniably cozy, as well. Glass details and furniture will also work great with your aesthetic.



Mediterranean homes are great for those arid locations because of the aesthetic of being built from clay or stone fit perfectly with the view. Aside from that, they’re mostly characterized by grand arches for doors and windows, tiled or shingle roofing, as well as generally round architectural details.



If you wish to have a modest home, consider having a bungalow house built. This house type is known for its single-level structure that’s highly adaptable and can be changed to suit your lifestyle. Make use of inexpensive yet high-quality construction materials such a brick, stone, or wood for yours.



If you’re longing for a home with a homey, old American appeal, a Colonial home may be what you need. These classical-styled Western homes are the perfect architectural marvel for you: built with absolute symmetry that’s quaint an pleasing. Make sure your custom home builder is adept at creating shuttered windows, as well as masonry for chimneys, to achieve that country aesthetic.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to building and creating your own home, so be sure a residential construction contractor is handling the job. If you’re in need of professional services in Bemidji, MN, we at Rijo Enterprises, Inc. are the team to call. Contact us now at (218) 760-5708 for inquiries.